We’re proud to announce that Eagle Island and Screenwave Media will be the Top 8 Sponsor of Frostbite 2019

This month marks the fourth entry into the Frostbite series, and we’re glad to say that Screenwave Media will be a part of it! Frostbite is an annual Super Smash Bros. event in Detroit Michigan, and is seen as a yearly hallmark of skill from players of different regions, different characters, and much more.

Frostbite 2018 is the return of the Japan vs North America crew battle, a 10 vs 10 player crew battle showcasing the best that each region has to offer. The competition displayed at the event is undoubtedly going to be the best that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have to offer.

Everything that Frostbite has built is the exact kind of event we’re looking for. We’ve established a partnership with Frostbite 2019 and our upcoming video game – Eagle Island. Join protagonists Quill and Koji in Eagle Island with this roguelike platformer coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC in Q1 2019, and we’re excited to display it to a whole new community of competitive gamers. We believe the worldwide audience and approach to competition at Frostbite is a perfect match for Eagle Island, and we’re excited to see the reaction to our new title.

Beyond supporting the event with Eagle Island, Screenwave Media is also proud to utilize our resources to assist the event. The entire side event section of Frostbite 2019 within the 24 hour venue will have Nintendo Switch systems by Screenwave Media. 32 fully featured systems will be there to help provide attendees with an exciting event experience, packed full of Smash from the moment the venue opens, all the way until the doors close. All of our systems come securely packed with all required cables, a first party GameCube adapter, copy of Ultimate with all current tournament related DLC and game updates, and a secure lock to keep the system protected at the event. Our systems are available for any event to rent, and you can find more information at http://esports.screenwavemedia.com.

You can catch the action of Frostbite 2019 on February 22nd through 24th from the comfort of your home at http://twitch.tv/MVG_League
Tune in and cheer for your favorite top players along with Quill and Koji! Get your own copy of Eagle Island when it launches this quarter. Visit https://games.screenwavemedia.com for more information.