Esports Ready Monitors
Asus VX238H

Our selection of esports ready monitors have the industry minimum of a 1ms response time. The Asus VX238H monitors are lightweight and a perfect size for any in-person competition.

Nintendo Switch Systems

Each system comes packed with all required cords, a first-party GameCube adapter, and a stand with secure lock to help prevent theft. Consoles are designed to be BYOC and do not include their own controller.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Get the number one game on the Switch to run popular tournaments at your convention! We have a large amount of copies of Ultimate ready for rental, complete with a full save file and all tournament ready DLC.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Setups

We have an assortment of Nintendo GameCubes and Wiis ready for Melee tournaments! We have copies of the game, memory cards with save data, and lagless HD converters available packaged together.


Show off your games to your entire audience! Projectors are an easy way to spice up your in house production value, and we have a variety of personal to theater-ready projectors available.

Arcade Cabinets

Bring the convention experience to your tournament with a wide selection of arcade cabinets! These provide a ton of fun and value for attendees while they aren’t scheduled for matches.

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